Indoor rowing class at The Body Shop

Fine Tune Your Chassis at The Body Shop

Specializing in repair, maintenance & discovery of
the race car within YOU!

Wanted: People in the Copper Country, particularly those 40+, who are ready to put their health and fitness first to be the best, fittest person they can be, whether in competitive events, general fitness or for daily living. UCanRow2’s Body Shop is open for business!!

Head Mechanic: Terry Smythe, Concept2 master instructor, certified personal trainer and former fitness director for Aspirus Keweenaw Fitness Center Houghton/Laurium, with 30 years of experience in the fitness industry.

Our Approach: The UCanRow2 Body Shop offers a cross-training/muscle confusion method where no two workouts are the same and every session is supervised, recorded and adapted to your current fitness level. Your workouts will be challenging, but also fun so you see results and stick with your program. Fitness never felt so good!

Space is VERY limited. Email for more information and to claim your spot!

The foundation of all workouts is based around four of the best lifetime exercises you can do for yourself…rowing, cross-country skiing, cycling, running/walking. Concept2 rowing machines and SkiErgs provide you with total-body, non-impact training for all sports, general fitness and daily living. We will combine these machines with bodyweight and weighted movements and exercises scaled for each individual. Fitness for all ages and stages of life, No Excuses!

Fitness assessment included: We’ll start with a full assessment of your fitness level and from there set goals for where you want to go. Regular tracking will help us fine-tune your personalized program and keep you on course. It’s a fact that we take better care of our cars than we do our bodies! So make the decision to change and respect your chassis by taking care of it through good fitness and nutrition (Yes, we will discuss fuel/nutrition. You can’t expect high performance from low-grade fuel).

The Details: Typical membership is three scheduled sessions per week. Sessions will have a maximum of 6 athletes and last about an hour.  We also offer the UCanRow2 Row and Go, a no-frills open rowing or skiing option.  See below for more info.


Monthly Fee (3 sessions per week): $79
Assessment Fee: $25 (waived with the purchase of at least three months of classes)
Unlimited monthly classes: $90
Meter Club: (Row/Ski only – no class, just come in and row or ski on your own): $35
Private Training: $75/session
Body Shop class drop-in: $20
10 Row/Ski punchcard (valid for 3 months from date of purchase): $70
Row/Ski Drop in: $10

Requirements: Evaluation and assessment (by appointment) prior to start are essential for your success. The $25 assessment fee is waived if your purchase a minimum of 3 months of classes. Liability waivers must be completed with membership purchase.

Ready to start? Email or call 906-370-4565 to set up your assessment meeting.


Row and Go

Row or SkiErg to health and fitness. Participate in the Concept2 challenges on Team UCanRow2.  No frills! Easy rules for use then you Row and Go!


You must complete a health history prior to start

You must know how to use the equipment

New to Concept2 equipment?  You must make an appointment for an equipment introduction with Terry before beginning.

All regular rules for facility use apply

*Hours of operation for Row and Go

T, TH – 6 -10AM & 4:00 – 8:30PM

Saturday – 9AM-12PM

Sunday – Closed

*Hours are subject to change based on demand and availability. Hours may be extended during busy times like the World Erg Challenge March 15-April 15. Changes will be posted in advance.


Learn to row/ski, or technique tuneup lesson by appointment with Terry: $20

Monthly unlimited use during posted hours: $35

10 Row/Ski punchcard $50 (expires 3 months from date of purchase)

Drop in: $10

Come sweat with us! Email or call 906-370-4565 to set up your assessment meeting.