Form and Foundation

NOTE: Because of the high damper settings this is an Extreme workout that is not intended for novice rowers.

Warm up well!

  • 6min at 18spm – damper @ 10
  • 5min at 20spm – @ 8.5
  • 4min at 22spm – @ 7
  • 3min at 24spm – @ 5
  • 2min at 26spm – @ 3
  • 1min at 28spm – @ 1

Cool down, stretch and done!

You can do this a couple of ways: Either do the circuit one time through without a 3-minute rest between sets 2 and 3, or do 2-3 rounds of the full circuit and rest three minutes between each.

Work on feeling the proper stroke sequence at the heavy damper settings (legs-body-arms, arms-body-legs, really engaging glutes and pushing off the legs on the drive) and maintaining that feeling as damper and rowing time decreases.