Rock-solid basic indoor rowing workouts that are perfect for building fitness and can be scaled to meet the needs of any exerciser.


(4-5 rounds)

Row 1,000 meters

30 kb swings

30 pull ups / ring rows


Warm up well, then do 4 rounds of the following:

Row or ski 43 calories (Hit “Change Units” on your monitor until calories come up as your unit)

10 push press
10 front squats
13 hollow rocks
10 wall balls


bodyweight blast

3-5 Rounds

Row 500 meters (or 2 minutes)
5 push-ups
10 sit-ups of your choice
5 squats
10 jumping jacks

Sweet Sixteen

Set monitor after warmup for 16 minutes and row hard for max meters.  Cool down with an easy paddle for 3-5 mins when done.  Don’t just stop rowing after a hard effort, be sure to bring your heart rate down before you get off the erg.

Finishers after rowing:
3 rounds:
10 sit-ups
5 push-ups
10 air squats

Erg for Intervals

Warm up, then do 6-10 rounds of:

Row 1 minute hard, 2-minutes easy.

See if you can negative split the work intervals (getting faster on each work interval as you go through the workout).


15-minute cardio warmup of your choice

3 Rounds:

Row 4 minutes
9 DB snatches (9 reps on each side)
9 medball sit-ups

Since this is a short workout you can push yourself both on the effort on the rowing machine and with the weight on the exercises.  No slacking, no excuses!

With Weight, or Without

15 min. cardio warmup

5 rounds:
5–4–3–2–1 min. ski or row, in between do:
15-20-12-8-5 reps of:

Kettlebell swings
Bridge with press


BodyShop 60TH

Bodyshop 60th birthday workout. Adjust as necessary for the birthday you’re celebrating at your place. Warm up, then do 10 rounds of:

Row or ski 60 seconds
6 push-ups
6 sit-ups
6 lunges
6 push press
6 side lunges
6 KB cleans

Done, now go eat cake!

Terry’s Ladder

Warm up well, then row (or ski or do a mix) 1-3 rounds of:

Row 250 meters
25 push-ups

Row 500
50 squats

Row 750
75 jump rope

Row 1000m
100 sit ups

Think posture and power on this one, power on the legs, solid through the core. Vary the off-erg moves by changing the type or intensity (for example substitute military or spider push-ups for standard ones), and by adding speed or weight. Stay within your fitness and ability level!

Super Saturday

Row 3000 (24-26 spm)
30 pushups, 30 push press, 30 situps
Row 2000m
20 pushups, 20 push press, 20 situps

Row 1000m
10 pushups, 10 push press, 10 situps

Row or ski 500m HARD (24-30 spm)


Bodyshop Workout #1

If you don’t have a SkiErg (pity!) you can do this workout all rowing. Substitute regular squats and sit-ups if you don’t have a TRX.

Warm up then do 2-3 rounds for time of the following:

250m row
10 TRX squats
15 TRX sit-ups

250m ski
10 push press
10 dumbbell snatches

500m row
10 push-ups
10 TRX squats

500m ski
10 TRX sit-ups
10 TRX squats
10 dumbbell snatch


Chad Row

(named for Master Instructor Chad Fleschner)

Warm up then do 2-3 rounds of the following:

Damper   Time     SPM
10           6 mins     18
8.5          5 mins     20
7             4 mins     22
5             3 mins     24
3             2 mins     26
1             1 min       28

3-minute paddle rest between rounds.  Remember to focus intently on your technique and posture – let the drive come from your LEGS.

Tuesday Twofer

Row two 20-minute pieces with 7-minute paddle rest in between. Row the pieces as follows:

5 min at 20 strokes per minute
5 min at 22 spm

5 min at 24 spm
3 min at 26 spm
2 min at 28-30 spmDONE!

Crew Classic

Warm up, then set your monitor for Intervals>Variable>Distance, with Unlimited Rest

Row 3k @ 26 strokes per minute
30 pushups
30 squats
30 situps

Row 2k @ 26-28 strokes per minute
20 pushups
20 jump squats
20 situps

Row 1k @ 28-30 strokes per minute
10 burpees
1-minute plank
50 situps


Rowlympics Ready

3000m row warmup

Five rounds of:

1000m row, alternating challenging and sustainable pace every 100 meters
10 thrusters
10 push-ups
10 sit-ups
5 pull-ups

Cool down on the erg, stretch and done!

DogsRow2 Workout #2

Warm up, then do 5 rounds of the following:

Run 400m or row 500m (you can also alternate)
1 rope climb or 10 ring rows
10 kettlebell swings
10 push press
10 box jumps
20 sit-ups

Grab your dog and cool down with an easy 400m loop.

Greenville Groove

Warm-up 10 mins

Set your monitor for Intervals>Time with Unlimited Rest and program in intervals of 5, 5, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1 minutes of work

After each rowing piece get off the erg and do:
10 push-ups
10 squats
10 sit-ups
10 dips off the monorail

Sprint the last minute interval and immediately do a s-l-o-w cooldown paddle of 3-5 mins (no floor work after).

Stretch and done!

Ready, Set, GO ROW!!!

3K warmup row, stretch

Set monitor to Intervals>Distance, and program in 7 rounds of 400m with unlimited rest. After each 400m perform the following: 10 pushups, 20 situps, 30 squats, 40-second plank hold

2K row cooldown, focusing on your technique
Stretch and done!

Note: This workout is to be done all-out and fast, but not so hard that your form suffers. Start each rowing interval with a few short strokes to get to your target stroke rating, then lengthen out.

Terrific Tuesday

Warm up 10 mins

Ski or row 2k
30 squats
10 handstand pushups (scale to your ability)
10 regular pushups

Ski or row 1000m
25 squats
8 handstand pushups
8 regular pushups

Ski or row 750m
20 squats
6 handstand pushups
6 regular pushups

Ski or row 500m
15 squats
4 handstand pushups
4 regular pushups

Finish: 60 TRX or regular situps

Stretch and DONE!

Leapin’ Leap Day

Warm up 2900m
10x 29 strokes at RACE pace and 29 recovery paddle
Off erg finishers:
29 burpees
OR – 29 pushups, 29 squats, 29 situps, 3×29 sec plank (reg plank, L and R lateral hold)
EASY cooldown paddle row, bike or jog 10 min, stretch- DONE!!

Sarah’s Crabby Workout

(This is what happens if you come to work crabby at UCanRow2)

2k warmup on the Concept2 Indoor Rower

Ski 250m
50 TRX Training squats
10 handstand pushups (scale as needed)
10 pullups
20 TRX situps

Row 250m
30 squats
8 handstand pushups
8 pullups
15 situps

Ski 250m
20 squats
6 handstand pushups
6 pullups
10 situps

Row 250m
10 squats
4 handstand pushups
4 pullups
8 situps

Row at a challenging pace for 3k, or until you are no long crabby.


Pyramids Plus

This workout uses the TRX suspension strap. Save some energy for the late rounds, this one creeps up on you.

2k warmup on the indoor rower

Do the following pyramids one by one (not in a circuit) with 1 minute rest between each round of an exercise

TRX squat: 50-40-30-20-10

Push-ups: 30-20-10-8-6

TRX standing back extension: 15-10-8-6-4

TRX power pulls: 8-8-8

2x 30-30-30 second plank, facing forward first, then lateral on both sides

s-t-r-e-t-c-h and done!