The Best Rowing Machine Grip

Rowing Technique: The Best Rowing Machine Grip



Not to get all “handsy” or anything, but let’s take a second to talk about something you might not have thought of: Your rowing machine grip.


Hand position in rowing. It’s more important than you think and if you’re not doing it correctly it could be causing you issues.


Why? Because the hands are one of the three main points of connection between your body and the machine (as well as the seat and the foot stretchers).


COACHES! Pay attention here, you’re …

How to Choose The Right Free Online Workout For You

How to know if that free online workout is right for you

How many times have you looked at a rowing workout somewhere online and thought, “Is that free online workout good for me to do?”


Free workouts are a dime a dozen, and that’s part of the problem.


They’re everywhere: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  #Sweatyselfie images, reels, TikToks and full videos of all manner of workouts. Often with hundreds of repetitions, huge dumbbells or kettlebells, super low rowing machine splits, all the things. 


Probably hashtagged #beastmode, #nopainnogain, #gainz, …

Marathon Row Tips


The marathon row. The Big Kahuna of endurance rowing events.


How many meters in a marathon? 42,195 to be exact.


That’s ALOT of meters.


Sitting on a rowing machine for that length of time definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.


For some though, it’s a crowning-glory moment that’s worth all the literal blood, sweat, and tears it might take to get there.


Should you attempt it? How to go about it if you do?


We turned to our resident experts for their marathon row tips: Our master instructors!


Specifically, …

The Best Warmup to Do Before a Rowing Workout

Let’s talk workout prep! What’s your typical workout warm up?

If you’re like most people, you spend less than 5 minutes doing something where you’re randomly moving, probably paying more attention to the TV, a magazine, or your friend on the machine next to you than you are actually preparing for your workout.

Don’t waste the warmup! It’s super important, both physically and mentally. Try these and get ready to go fast!

Play This Game for Better Rowing Technique


Rowing used to be a well-kept secret. Those of us who knew that the rowing machine is the perfect solution for total-body, non-impact fitness for people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels were few and far between.


Not any more!


Rowing has been called the new spinning, and you now see rowing gyms popping up all over, home machines are backordered and there are tons of options for doing workouts online.


Our free RowStrong group on Facebook has also grown by leaps and bounds!


For a long time, …

Your 2K Rowing Strategy


Somewhere along the way in pretty much every rower’s career, the time comes to take on that most iconic of racing distances, the 2000-meter row.


In fact, competitive on-water rowers often live or die by their ability to cover that distance as quickly as possible on the rowing machine.  And for high-school rowers, a good 2K erg time can mean the difference between a free ride to college and going it alone.


If you’ve ever done one, you know that the 2K has the potential to be …

3 Tips for Better Rowing Technique

There’s nothing we love more than getting a juicy question in our social media DMs or blog comments. Like this one:
“I’ve been rowing for a while and I know I’ve developed some bad habits that I need to shake. Help!” Does that one resonate with you? If it does you’ll want to read on to get our 3 best tips to help you row better.