How to workout with a face mask


Burning fitness question of the moment: If you have to wear a mask to work out, what’s the right way to do it? And how to do it with an activity like rowing that’s often high-intensity?


Is it even a good idea?


Many of us don’t have a choice in the matter. Our gyms have decided that the only way we’re getting back in is if we wear a mask, even while working out.


Other gyms and states have decided that wearing a mask while doing the actual workout is optional, although you have to wear one any time you’re not working out.


If you’re a fitness professional, though, it may come down to a choice between putting that mask on and working.


The good news is, you don’t have to choose. It IS possible to wear a mask while working out or teaching.


We dive in.

SHOULD you wear a mask while working out or teaching a fitness class?


A webinar on fitness and face masks from the American Council on Exercise (the same organization that accredits our rowing instructor certifications) provides some great general guidance.


It was with ACE President Dr. Cedric Bryant and Dr. Len Kravitz from the University of New Mexico, one of the best-known researchers in the exercise-science field.


Recognizing that masks are likely to be part of our lives for a while, the two have begun looking into a research review and their own investigation into the effects of wearing a mask while exercising.


Read on for the key conclusions from the webinar, and some rowing-specific guidance.



Should you wear a mask to workout?


1. Wearing a mask to work out is safe for most people. It could be a problem, however, for those with underlying conditions like cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses. Even seasonal allergies can be problematic.


2. Leave room for adaptation: Exercisers, and the people who train them, need to remember that many of us have lost some fitness since our gyms closed. Add a mask and the associated oxygen restriction, and the environment gets more complicated.

It’s recommended to progress slowly and gradually while the body adapts (and it will).  Bottom line: Don’t jump right back into your high-intensity workout routine.


3. You may feel the effects even when resting: To the researchers’ surprise, the potential effects of masks (dizziness, light-headedness, shortness of breath) can persist or appear even into the time when we’re recovering from exercise.

All the more reason to provide a socially distanced place for people to step aside from the workout, take their mask off (by touching the ear loops not the mask itself!), and get their breath back if needed.


4. Older athletes may be more vulnerable to feeling the effects of working out with a mask on. Dr. Kravitz also discussed anecdotal reports that balance may be affected in older mask wearers, so that’s important to watch for.


5. Additionally, hydration is also key for older athletes, and even more important when exercising with a mask on. A quick pre-workout “body check” for “What have I had to drink, how am I feeling, does anything hurt?” is recommended.


5. Use the talk test or RPE to measure intensity: There is early evidence that heart rates will be higher in those wearing masks. Bryant recommends using the talk test to gauge whether you’re in an appropriate range of intensity: Can you talk, and how many words can you say at one time?


Advice for studio owners and fitness professionals


1.Ease back in: Your first workout back in the studio shouldn’t be super high intensity. Your students will need to adjust from having been doing less, and you very may well too!


2. Keep the channels of communication open! Be sure to check in with your students, not just at the beginning of class but throughout, to see how they are feeling and to make sure that the workout is appropriate for them that day.


3. Provide a socially distanced place for people to take their masks off and recover before returning to class.


4. If possible, hold classes outdoors to minimize the risk of virus spreading. If that’s not an option, provide as much airflow as possible indoors. Open windows and doors, turn on fans.


5. Emphasize Duration and Distancing: Try to limit the amount of time that people are in your facility, and increase their physical distancing while they are there.


6. Practice, practice, practice: As with anything new, you need to practice teaching with a mask on off-stage, before you do it with your students. You’ll probably need to moderate your own intensity even more than usual so you don’t lose your breath and you can project your voice through your mask. But try it!


What makes a good workout mask?


Kravitz is not a fan of wearing a surgical mask to your workout. Instead, he recommends using a washable one made of moisture-wicking fabric on the inside and a water-repellent layer outside. If the fabric is anti-microbial, even better he says.


He also recommends having more than one mask so that you can rotate them out and also change them if one gets wet with sweat during your workout.


And while you’re at it, bag the buff: For a time, buffs were popular among fitness enthusiasts as a face covering but Kravitz doesn’t like them:

They’re designed to keep you warm and not dissipate heat, which is what’s needed during exercise, he says.


Leave it to a rower to design a workout mask that passes muster. Our friends at Sew Sporty, makers of popular rowing gear, caught the eye of the crew at the Seattle Times with their cloth mask. In fact, it was the only one the Times wanted to wear to run outside!


You can check out the masks here.



What about your rowing workout?


Your first workout back in the gym probably isn’t the right time to try that 2K PR. All the more so if you’re having to wear a mask. Take it easy, and trainers give your students and clients permission to do so.


Reduce your target splits and stroke rates, and also the overall length of the class.


You may need to do that anyway if you need to give the equipment a good cleaning between classes. While we’re on that subject, check Concept2’s tips for the best way to clean your rowing machine between uses.


Regarding placement of rowing machines, Concept2 recommends holding rowing classes outside if possible for maximum airflow. And inside, a 6-foot separation between machines will reduce but not eliminate all risk of spreading virus.


USRowing, meanwhile, recommends at least 12 feet of space between machines indoors and staggering them. Also open doors and windows to increase ventilation, but avoid turning on fans. USRowing also recommends wiping down all fitness equipment with disinfectant before and after each use. [HINT: You should be doing that anyway.]



Remember: We can do this!



While we would all prefer to work out freely with nothing we don’t want on our faces, the masked workout is definitely something we can adjust to.


In the ACE webinar, Bryant referenced research on workouts with elevation masks as proof that adapting to this brave new masked world is definitely possible. We just all have to give it time and take it easy.


Are you wearing a mask to work out? How’s it going? Fitness professionals do you need help to make this work for your clients and members? Drop a comment below and we’ll do our best to help you out!

For Further Reading



Best Gifts for Rowers


If you’re like us, you’re always on the lookout for the best gifts for rowers. We can be hard to buy for!


If you’ve got a rower on your gift list you know what a challenge it can be to find things they’ll love. You have YOUR favorite seat pad or pair of erging shoes, but what if your gift-ee doesn’t roll that way? 


Ah, the struggle is real! 


Have no fear, we’re here to help! We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite indoor rowing and rowing-related products to help you the next time you need the perfect birthday, holiday, or anniversary gift.  UCanRow2 rower tested, and approved!


Scroll on down for the list. Check back often, too. We’ll update this list with new products as we get a chance to test them and love them. 


Happy gifting!



Best Gifts for Rowers




We asked our friends at Rubini Jewelers to make us some special pieces that would celebrate the indoor rower on your list. We’re biased, of course, but these are some of our favorite gifts for rowers!


1. Erger Pendant

Sterling Silver Erger Pendant 

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Rowing Ergometer Flywheel Post Earrings


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Erging Rower Pin


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4. Erg! Bars

Assortment 60 ERG! Bars - Event or School Program?

Could there be a more perfect snack for an indoor rower?? We think not!


Bonus, these energy bars taste delicious! They’re also minimally processed and nutrient-dense, pretty much the perfect snack for your next Hour of Power erg session.


12 flavors to choose from! (A favorite: Apricot P’Butter.)

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It’s so hard to pick a favorite here. We love so many fitness apparel brands (Athleta especially!), but the gear from JL Athletics that’s made by rowers, for rowers, is hard to beat. Here are our go-tos. 



6. Compression Wick Trou

Image result for compression wick trou



Moisture-wicking compression shorts are our go-to shorts. Basic but super comfortable, durable and affordable.

We LOVE Athleta tights too, but these last better than anything.

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7. The Fat Ergos Collection 

bottoms tights trou workout pant sweats sweatpants shorts capri bibshorts Fat Ergos Trou Navy Fat Ergos $10-$50, Bottoms, Men's, Original Trou, Trou, Women's $42.95 Size XSmall JLAthletics



If the erg is your jam, is there really any other way to play? We especially love these shorts that are festooned with ergs (especially because the seat is double-lined to protect your back end during those long erging sessions). They’ve got other styles, too, including unis. Dress it up for your next 2k race!

Buy it now!




8. Vertical Houndstooth Comfy Tights

Image result for Vertical Houndstooth Comfy Tights



These tights are so comfy; you won’t want to take them off.


Perfect if you row in the garage or anywhere else that’s chilly.


High-performance knit with a cotton-comfy stretch is designed for comfort and durability.

 Buy it now!


9. Women’s Polyrpro Erg Trou

Image result for Women's Polypro Erg Trou




Dreaming of a longer erg short with a yoga-style waistband (no drawstring)?

You’ll love this soft and flexible construction.

 But it now!


10. Tablet Mount for Indoor Rower




If you know a Concept2 rower who likes to watch movies or do online workouts while they row (or BikeErg), this might be JUST the thing to put under their tree!

No more propping the iPad up on a random collection of boxes and books and hoping against hope it doesn’t fall over on your next power 10!

 Buy it now!







Need other ideas?

A stocking stuffer, perhaps, or a small thank-you gift? Our certified instructors are FULL of great ideas!


  • Seat pads


  • AirPods for wireless rowing


  • Phone cradle for Concept2 monitor


  • Spotify subscription


  • Deep blue essential oil rub from DoTerrra for sore muscles


  • Tower fan so you can row with a breeze


  • Rock My Run music app subscription


  • Wod & Done thumb protection tape for long rows


  • 3-in-1 oil and a fresh rag for chain oiling and other maintenance


  • Batteries for the monitor


  • Cycle by Body Glide to prevent chafing on long rows


  • Microfiber cloths for erg and sweat cleanups


  • Spray bottle of glass cleaner to wipe down the erg. antibacterial clothes for the handle and seat


What did we miss?


What’s missing on this list that you can’t live without, and we shouldn’t either? Drop it in the comments below and maybe we’ll add it to the next update!

Your St. Patrick’s Day Playlist Is Here!

Get your St. Patrick's Day row on! Irish pub songs and modern melodies combine in TWO great rowing playlists. #rowing #stpatricksday #fitness #workout #playlist


St. Patrick’s Day playlist anyone? How about two? Because the only thing better that one St. Patrick’s Day playlist is two!


We couldn’t decide which workout and playlist we wanted to do more in advance of the corned beef and cabbage. So we decided not to decide! Instead, we made one grouping that’s a standard playlist and another to fuel your best interval workout.


Both lists combine classic Irish pub songs and more popular music by Irish artists. Leprechaun-approved, and we hope you’ll like them too! If you have suggestions for songs we should add, post them in the comments and we’ll give them a listen.




In general, we’ve tried to respect the guidance to keep the beats per minute around 100-120 for rowing, with some latitude to bump it up when the band really gets going. Mostly though, we think you’ll find that music that’s too fast will result in bad rowing and fewer meters than you might expect.


St. Patrick’s Day Row Playlist


The main list, St. Patrick’s Day Row, is set up so you can “press play” and get a few minutes of warmup before getting into a generally higher-tempo workout for about an hour.



St. Patrick’s Day Intervals Playlist

We also created a separate playlist, St. Patrick’s Day Intervals, that allows you to do about a half hour of intervals of 3 minutes of work with equal amounts of paddle rest (no-pressure rowing). If you want a workout where you can just hit “play” and go (starting with a bit of warmup), that would be the one.



Try both and let us know what you think!


Want some killer workouts to go with your new St. Patrick’s Day playlist? Download our free #GetFlywheelFit workout set. 11 workouts to keep you sweating, and guaranteed to bring you luck! ERIN GO ROW!


Rowing Workouts: Fourth of July Workout


Make your Independence Day glory-ous with this 4th of July rowing workout! For more like this visit #ucanrow2 #rowingmachine #rowingworkouts


Updated June 27, 2019


Need a Fourth of July workout?  Try these.  Plenty of meters, but you’ll also get in and out fast, and sweaty.  Here we offer you two versions, pick the one that best fits your fitness level and how hard you want to work.  And, in the spirit of independence, you can choose whether you want to do this on the rowing machine, SkiErg or BikeErg (double the meters if you choose the BikeErg).


If you’re doing this outside of the 4th of July season, just change that warmup to 2000 meters and you’re good.  By the way, you should be working hard on the cardio intervals of the main workout.  Keep it in that 70-80 percent effort range of “you can talk but you’d rather not.”



Sparkle With Glory: Fourth of July Workout A

1776-meter row warmup (or make it 2000 meters if you’re doing this at some other time of year)


Then do 3-5 rounds of:

76-calorie row

7 burpees

6 manmakers


Or scale the workout to make it easier and more inclusive:


Sparkle with glory: Fourth of July Workout B

1776 meter row warmup (or make it 2000 meters if you’re doing this at some other time of year)


Then do 3-5 rounds of the following:


776-meter row, ski or bike

7 push-ups

6 squats

7 jumping jacks

6 sit-ups




Get 11 free rowing workouts

Want more workouts like this? Download our FREE #GetFlywheelFit workout set to burn fat and build strength in 25 minutes or less. Do them at home, at the gym, or with your rowing class.  However you do it, you’ll get in, get out, and get on with your day.


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3 Rowing Machine Workouts to Get You Back On Track

Crossrow workouts


Try this Fourth of July workout on the 4th or any other day! 1776 meter row warmup, then do: 3-5 rounds: 76 cal row, ski or bike 7 burpees 6 manmakers. Or scale it to make it easier: 1776 meter row warmup, then do: 3-5 rounds 776 meter row, ski or bike 7 push-ups 6 squats 7 jumping jacks 6 sit-ups DONE! #rowingworkout #intervaltraining #indoorrowing #workout

The World Cup Workout 2018

World Cup Workout: Row your way to fit through the World Cup and have fun doing it! The US may not be in it this year, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun and work up a good sweat. Game on! #worldcup #rowingworkout #rowerworkout








The2018 World Cup is here!  So many hours of world-class soccer, SO many hours waiting for something to happen.  Why not set up your rowing machine in front of the TV  and do a World Cup Workout?


We know some sports fans who are happy to row stead-state through the whole event.  But a typical soccer match runs around 100 minutes with stoppage time, and, unlike almost any other televised sporting event in the US, no commercials to break it up!


We’re all about banning boredom on the erg, so we highly recommend trying it our UCanRow2 World Cup Workout way:




PREGAME: While the previews are on, set up your rowing machine with a straight view of the TV so you don’t have to crank your neck upwards or to the side.  After the national anthems, start off with easy rowing for 6-10 minutes at 20-24 SPM.


THROUGHOUT THE GAME: Once you’re in your zone, hold a steady pace at 22-24 SPM or lower, but make sure you keep it controlled and don’t get too sidetracked by the TV in front of you.  Remember, hold good technique!


UP YOUR WORLD CUP WORKOUT GAME: Once the action begins, every time something happens – a yellow card, goal, injury, etc., – do the following things to keep it interesting.


YELLOW CARD – Bad boy! 20-stroke sprint at race pace.


CORNER KICK – Drop your stroke rating to 20 strokes per minute or lower for the duration of the play. Remember to s-l-o-w your slide on the recovery to help you row low.


SUBSTITUTION – Water break!


INJURY – Wish them luck to get back in the game with 10 hard strokes, 20 if the player is taken off the field on a stretcher.


GOAL – Celebrate really loud with a big “GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!” and then put the handle in the hook and do 10 jumping jacks or burpees.  Get back on the erg and grab a sip of water.


PENALTY KICKS – Handle in the hook and do 5 bodyweight squats during each kick.  In between kicks, get back on the erg and row, but don’t strap in (This is a good opportunity to practice rowing with your feet out of the straps).


HALFTIME – If you need a break, put the handle in the hook and record your total meters.  That’s the number you want to try to beat in the second half of the game.  Bathroom break if you need it, or grab a healthy snack like a banana or an energy bar.  Make sure to stretch and get back on the erg for the start of the second half.

If you don’t need a break, just keep rowing!  Do 6 rounds of 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy, then just row easy for any remaining time.  Remember to get fluids before the start of the second half.


GAME OVER – At the end of the game, record your meters in your online logbook and try to meet or exceed your meters for the next game.


Great job, soccer fan!  Hopefully, your team took the WIN!  Got suggestions for other ways to spice up the World Cup Workout row?  Pop down to the comments and share!


Need a structured workout plan to help you get your fitness headed in the right direction?  Check out our rowing workout programs Meter Monster and Flywheel Frenzy.


Row your way through the next soccer game on TV! Row your way to fit fandom. Game on! #worldcup #rowingworkout #soccer #soccerfan

Row for Good: Rowing-related efforts that need your donation

Row for Good! Find rowing-related efforts that need your donation on Giving Tuesday and all year.


It’s Giving Tuesday, a great time to row for good!  In the spirit of the day, here are 4 rowing-related giving opportunities that we’re especially passionate about at UCanRow2.  Efforts large and small, spanning a range of interests, they are all connected in some way to our UCanRow2 family of certified instructors and master instructors.  
And, like our instructors themselves, all of these efforts use rowing as a vehicle to make a larger impact on the world. 
Please consider donating to these organizations and campaigns, and share this post. Thank you!

Meters for Melanoma

Benefitting the Midwest Melanoma Partnership. Meters for Melanoma is led by Terry Smythe and her effort to fight mucosal melanoma, a rare, internal form of the deadly “skin” cancer.  Meters for Melanoma sponsors education campaigns at regattas and indoor rowing events around the country.  It also supports fundraisers at gyms and fitness centers throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

Cardio for Cohen

Cardio for Cohen – A fundraiser organized by certified instructor John Bratton at California Cycle Path in Pittsburgh.  This campaign is raising funds to help pay more than $1 million in medical bills that have been racked up in treating little Cohen’s brain tumor. 

Erg Ed

USRowing’s America Rows program, which among other things supports the Erg Ed program.  Erg Ed was developed in Seattle with help from UCanRow2 Master Instructor Heather Alschuler.  The program brings rowing machines into schools to get kids excited about rowing.  It is now being run at locations around the U.S.



Evolv Fitness in Puerto Rico

The GoFundMe campaign in support of certified indoor rowing instructor Michelle Gregory’s gym in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which was damaged by Hurricane Maria.  The gym is back open on a limited basis but there are still many bills to pay and equipment that needs to be replaced.
Your contribution to these causes is GREATLY appreciated.  We would love it if you would share in the comments which organization(s) you’ve supported.  Please also share this information with anyone you think would be interested. 
Want more UCanRow2?  We send out exclusive information every week in our email newsletter: Workouts, technique tips, playlists, nutrition tips and more.  SUBSCRIBE HERE if you want in! 

Fight Melanoma Cancer – Work Out: Meters for Melanoma 2018 is Here!

Last updated March 31, 2018

Help us beat melanoma, one of the deadliest cancers! Join us on May 5 for Meters for Melanoma, supporting the Midwest Melanoma Partnership. Join us!



Fight melanoma cancer and get your row on at the same time!  METERS FOR MELANOMA, our annual fundraiser to support research and education by the Midwest Melanoma Partnership is back for a second year, bigger and better than ever.


We’ve added prizes – ERGS! – for top fundraisers and, thanks to a $20,000 challenge grant, your donations are worth even more this year.


row a little – row a lot


REGISTER NOW to either row as an individual, or get your small team (25 or fewer) or large team (26+) together and plan to raise funds and row meters together.  We’ve made the meter distances accessible for pretty much anyone.


You can row as few as 500 meters, or 5000 meters, or beyond.  Not into rowing?  Just want to support the cause?  No problem.  You can even donate to register as a Virtual Rower and your entry will count towards the prizes.




This year we’re sweetening the pot and giving one individual and one team their choice of a Concept2 rowing machine, SkiErg or BikeErg.  There are minimum fundraising levels to qualify for the erg giveaway, and the number of meters you get matters too.  Check the registration page for details.


Sign up before April 3, 2018 and you will have the opportunity to order an event shirt for delivery in time for race day.  People who register later can still order shirts, but they will arrive after May 5.

raise money to fund melanoma cancer research


Melanoma cancer is one of the deadliest forms of the disease.  One person dies from it EVERY HOUR.  Think about that: In the time it takes you to finish your workout at the gym, one person has died from melanoma cancer.  On-water rowers and outdoor athletes in general are at great risk for cutaneous melanoma due to their exposure to the sun.



Prevention is critical.  And much easier than treating this deadly disease, as we at UCanRow2 know all too well.  That makes Meters for Melanoma a labor of love for us.


 A very personal labor as you’ll see below if you watch the video from our own Terry Smythe, who was diagnosed with rare mucosal melanoma late in 2013.  [Did you know that melanoma actually has three forms – cutaneous, mucosal and ocular?]



Meters for Melanoma 2017 from UCanRow2 on Vimeo.

The Basics

WHEN: May 5th-6th, 2018

WHERE: Anywhere you can find a rowing machine, SkiErg or BikeErg!

WHY: To raise funds for melanoma research and awareness. Our goal is to raise at least $20,000 for these activities, which will then be matched by an anonymous donor.

HOW: Grab your team, or sign up as an individual at this link.

NOTE: While it is Terry’s hope that everyone will be active in some way during this weekend, you DO NOT need to row to participate.  Virtual rowers are welcome, too!


Questions? Post them in the comments.  Come row with us and help us fight melanoma!

Swing It Out: Rowing + Kettlebell Workout #2

Updated Sep. 25, 2018


Swing it out rowing - kettlebell workout: A kettlebell rowing workout to get you sweating. All you need is a rower and one kettlebell. This is a great one to do in groups, too! Want more workouts to burn fat and build strength? Download our free workout set #GetFlyWheelFit: #rowingworkout #rowing #kettlebells #crossfit #wod #intervaltraining #amrap


Today’s rowing and kettlebell workout at the UCanRow2 Bodyshop.  All you need is a rowing machine and a kettlebell and you’re good to go sweat!  Makes it easy to hold on to the rower at the gym, too.  We know what it’s like to work out at a gym where you can’t leave a machine for fear someone else will come and grab it.


[Need to find an erg near you? Concept2 has a list here.]


This is also a great kettlebell workout to use with groups of varying fitness levels.  Adjust the effort on the rowing machine and the weight of the kettlebells and voila!


Pretty much anyone can work out at a higher level of intensity – whatever that looks like FOR THEM – for 20 minutes.  And the health benefits of that kind of higher-intensity training are numerous, particularly as we age.


Want more workouts like this? Check out out Workouts Page.  Or, for a set of free fat-burning, strength-building low impact workouts you can do in 25 minutes or less grab our FREE #GetFlywheelFit workout set.


Swing it out rowing - kettlebell workout: A kettlebell rowing workout to get you sweating. All you need is a rower and one kettlebell. This is a great one to do in groups, too! Want more workouts to burn fat and build strength? Download our free workout set #GetFlyWheelFit: #rowingworkout #rowing #kettlebells #crossfit #wod #intervaltraining #amrap Swing it out #2 rowing and kettlebell workout


For variety, mix in rounds on the SkiErg or BikeErg (double the meters on the BikeErg).


Whenever it says “1x” below it means single-handed moves. You will count those as 5 times on the left and 5 times on the right.20-minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)


Row / SkiErg 500m (BikeErg 1000m)

5 two-handed KB swings

5 single-handed KB swings

5 two-handed upright rows

5 single-handed upright rows

5 single-handed cleans

5 single-handed snatch

5 goblet squats


For Further Reading:

How to Generate More Power on the Rowing Machine


Try a Home Rowing Machine Workout that Works


Done-for-You Rowing Workout Programs #MeterMonster and #FlywheelFrenzy


Questions? Comments? Workout results? Post them in the comments below, we’d love to hear your feedback!

Row for a Cause at Meters for Melanoma

Last updated April 5, 2018

Help us beat melanoma, one of the deadliest cancers! Join us every May 5 for Meters for Melanoma, supporting the Midwest Melanoma Partnership. Join us!


Melanoma is one of the deadliest cancers there is.  Someone dies every hour from the disease. Sun-baked on-water rowers are especially at risk for the cutaneous form of melanoma.  METERS FOR MELANOMA was created to support the Midwest Melanoma Partnership‘s work to support research to find a cure.


Often melanoma gets mistaken as being solely “skin cancer” that can largely be prevented by minimizing your exposure to the sun’s UV rays.  While melanoma certainly CAN and often does occur on the skin, it turns out that there are two other forms of the disease, mucosal and ocular.  You don’t have to have any sun exposure at all to come face to face with one of the disease’s most aggressive forms: mucosal melanoma.


We’ve learned that in spades at UCanRow2 as our own Terry Smythe has been very publicly riding the cancer rollercoaster since late 2013.  Never, EVER one to take things easily or lying down, Terry is taking cancer on with guns blazing, and using her fight as a platform to educate others about the disease.


Rowing to Find a Cure for Melanoma


Enter METERS FOR MELANOMA, our annual fundraiser to support melanoma research and the tremendous efforts of the Midwest Melanoma Partnership.  Join us each year on May 5 — Terry’s birthday — and row or SkiErg 500 or 5000 meters, you pick.  If you don’t have access to an erg or would prefer to do another fitness activity, feel free!  Do you need a place to row or ski?  Check the links below to find a rower or SkiErg near you.




SIGN UP for meters for melanoma


Please join us for some fun on May 5 and make a difference for Terry and everyone else fighting melanoma.  You’ll get a cool t-shirt, and our eternal thanks for helping with a really important cause.  Email us your 500 or 5000 meter time and you might win a cool prize!  Register now and we’ll get you set up.






We’ve been so fortunate to count on the support of our local news media in this effort.  Click below to see the story that TV6 Upper Michigan’s Source did on our effort in its first year.



Do you have a melanoma or cancer story to tell? Has rowing made a difference in your recovery? Please tell us about it in the comments below, you deserve a shout-out!!