Biggest Loser Rowing Offer: Home Users, Buy an Erg, Get Trained Free

Logo of The Biggest Loser After a long hiatus the Concept2 rower is back on The Biggest Loser for the current U.S. season.  And this season you’ll be seeing the SkiErg as well. Great news!  For the most part…

If you saw the first episode you saw some rowing (not on Concept 2 machines), but unfortunately virtually none of it with good technique or cuing from the trainers.  And viewers noticed.  Twitter users, for example,  had a lot to say about it: “It kills me watching people erg on The Biggest Loser,” wrote @kdbug313.  “Like that’s not how you do it.” “I truly cannot watch people on the biggest loser erg because they all have the worst form and do it wrong,” said @laurenndriscoll.

It’s a shame that the Biggest Loser contestants don’t get a better chance at learning and using proper technique.  Properly done, there’s no better machine for fitness and weight loss than the Concept2 rowing machine. But it’s like everything else, you have to do it right to get the best results.

So to support Biggest Loser viewers across the United States and Canada,  and as part of our mission to Stamp Out Bad Rowing we’ve created a new deal: Buy your Concept2 erg or SkiErg from us and we’ll give you a free Skype training session with a master instructor to get you set up and rowing/skiing right.

Here’s what to do to get the deal: Contact us, either by email (, or phone (906-482-8748) during business hours, mention that you want the Biggest Loser deal and let us know if you’d like to buy a rowing machine or a SkiErg (or both!).

Money saved on a UCanRow2 remote training session: $65.  Weight loss and fitness results from learning to erg correctly: Priceless.

Questions?  Post ’em to the comments.  Row on!!!




  1. Louise Longbottom

    Hi there,

    I see 2 sessions for Houston TX,

    One Been Private instructor Training and the other the next Day, indoor Rowing Basics.

    I would like to go into the Buissness of Indoor Rowing and hopefully open an indoor Rowing Sudio, and at the moment a Level 2 Rowing Coach and Swimming instructor , also working my way through an ISSA PTC.

    I Am a competitive indoor Rower a present , which Course do do advise. My Son is a member of Parati Rowing. Who I see is hosting the events.

    Louise longbottom

    1. UCanRow2

      Hi Louise, given your goals for rowing the Sunday course would definitely be the right one for you. Hope to see you there!

  2. cindy

    Hi, I noticed one of the contestants had a leg injury and was rowing with his leg out. I have an ankle fusion and don’t know if rowing is possible. Can you row with a fused ankle or can you leave one leg off the machine. Thanks Cindy

    1. UCanRow2

      Hi Cindy,

      You should be able to row with a fused ankle, either by sliding that foot on the ground (best with a sock for a smoother sliding motion) or by leaving that foot out of the strap and letting it rock. Every rower is different though and you may need additional accommodation. If you’d like advice more specific to your situation please contact us at

  3. Rick Gordon

    VERY NICE!! I know with your coaching the new peeps will be much safer!
    LET’S ROW!

  4. Barry Segal

    Hello Terry (et al) Looking forward to Seattle. Will submit registration by mail. Tried last year for Petaluma (I live in Marin County, CA) which fizzed out. Too bad. I hope training with Heather is a “go” at the Pocock Center. Thanks! Barry 415 652 4580

    1. UCanRow2

      Hi Barry! So glad you found a date that works for you. Newport Beach on 2/16 is also an option, just FYI. Either way you’re in great hands. Row on!

  5. Karen

    Ugh. It was awful. I had to avert my eyes several times, yet with the audio on, I could still hear Bob’s awful cuing.

    1. UCanRow2

      What was it he was saying? Something about pulling harder with the arms?? I hear he’s been rowing more at Brick CrossFit in LA so hopefully he’ll get some help with his cueing. Maybe even go all the way at some point and get certified!

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