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Group and Custom Training

Picture this: You’ve just bought rowing machines or SkiErgs for your facility and have a staff of people you need to train to use the machines. Or you work with a very specific population (for example medical fitness, seniors, kids, overweight exercisers) and want your instructors to be able to target their workouts to these groups and be ready to handle any specific issues that might arise. Consider having UCanRow2 set up a one- or two-day training for your group of eight or more.*

Bring Group Rowing To Your Facility

As indoor rowing grows, the list of all-in rowing studios is on the rise . Also, more and more fitness centers are adding it to their menu. Of our more than 20 years of indoor rowing experience, we’ve spent most of them as instructors and facility managers. Whether indoor rowing is just a part of your mix or all you do, we're here to share our knowledge and help you succeed with:

Instructor certification

Equipment sales

Indoor rowing gear

Marketing services

Group programming

Benefits of custom training

Content is customized to fit the needs of your group and the populations you work with

Savings in time and travel expenses to get your staff to an out-of-town training, with the same registration fee as our open certification classes

A chance to spend a day with a Concept2 Master Instructor who is focused on you, to answer specific questions about working with various client populations, workout programming and layout of the rowing/skiing workout space in your facility

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* SOME FINE PRINT Training classes must have at least eight paid registrants in place, at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled date. Registrations are payable to UCanRow2 and cannot be resold.