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Imagine having the expertise of seasoned rowing instructors at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere. That’s what UCanRow2 On Demand brings to you.


Our follow-along workouts are designed not only to enhance your rowing skills but also to build strength, improve overall fitness, and offer the variety you need to stay excited about your fitness journey.


Row along with UCanRow2 Master and Certified Instructors in classes you can do on your schedule!


UCanRow2 on Demand has hundreds of rowing and rowing + strength workouts of all lengths and types, and we add a new workout every week.


Get unlimited workouts for just $14.99/month, and you can try the whole platform free for 7 days.


Choose from:

  • Beginner workouts
  • Short workouts (25 minutes or less)
  • Endurance workouts (30 minutes or more)
  • Rowing + strength workouts (rowing workouts with off-machine strength moves)
  • Workout series (rowing for power, low-intensity workouts, rowing for lifters, etc.)


Whether you're just starting out, looking to squeeze in a quick session, or aiming to push your endurance limits, we have something for everyone.


At just $14.99/month, unlimited access to a growing library of top-tier rowing workouts is an investment in your health, wellness, and happiness.


Why wait? Sign up now and take advantage of our 7-day free trial. Discover how UCanRow2 On Demand can be your partner in fitness, helping you achieve your goals at your pace, on your schedule.

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