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Whatever kind of rower you are, WE'VE GOT YOU!

Whether you're just getting started with rowing or you've been at it for a while. Or whether all you want to do is row, or you want to mix it up with rowing and strength moves (OR BOTH!), we’ve got the program for you:

The rowing machine offers infinite options.

In the past, the only way to get our rowing workouts has been to join the thousands of people who have attended our instructor certifications, or randomly grab the workouts we post online. What’s been missing is a systematic approach to working out with the rowing machine.

In putting together our MeterMonster and Flywheel Frenzy rowing workout programs we took into consideration how you would use the workouts to best fit your fitness level and goals. The thinking has already been done for you! All you have to do is print out the PDF and take it with you to your gym or home rowing machine.


Burn fat and build endurance with these 14 workouts that real rowing crews use to train. This rowing workout plan requires nothing more than a rowing machine, water and a sweat towel. No workout will take you longer than an hour. Simple and effective. Unleash your inner Olympian!


Total-body fitness! You love the rowing machine for its one-stop-shopping, total-body fitness: The Zen of the FlyWheel calls you.  Dumbbells?  Kettlebells?  No thanks.

Solo User: You have a rowing machine at home, or you row on your own at the gym

Join the Crew!: Join the crew! You want to break out of the “Just Row” rut and channel your inner Olympic rower

You want to build your cardio endurance base, whether for general fitness or to cross-train for another sport

What you get with these programs

Downloadable PDFs that give you the exact sequence to follow for each workout (15 in FlyWheel Frenzy, 14 in MeterMonster)

Links to videos that will help you check your technique, give you tips to get more power from your stroke, and much more

Scaling options that will allow you to adjust the workouts to your fitness level

A suggested calendar for how to use the workouts

FlyWheel Frenzy

Kick workout boredom to the curb with these 15 fat-burning, strength-building workouts. These are the rowing workouts that UCanRow2 is most known for. They come straight out of our Bodyshop living lab / fitness studio, and you won’t find them anywhere else online. They’ll have you on and off the rowing machine, ramping up your rowing with strength moves for athletes (That’s you!) from beginner to advanced.


No long rowing intervals: You’d rather stick hot needles in your eyes than sit on a rowing machine for any significant distance. These workouts typically only require a few minutes of rowing at a time.

I get bored easily: Intervals for the win! Every workout is different, and will help you get fit using the principle of muscle confusion – constantly keeping your body guessing.

Use as much, or as little, extra equipment as you want: Choose from workouts that use only your bodyweight for resistance, or grab a dumbbell, kettlebell or other equipment for more resistance and challenge.

You’re an indoor rowing instructor looking to mix it up: FlyWheel Frenzy workouts are a great way to add variety to your classes, both on their own and as a template for your own programming creation.



High Intensity, Fat Burning Endurance, Olympic Rower Certified Workouts

FlyWheel Frenzy


Workouts for Everybody, Straight from the Fitness Studio

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