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Kudos For UCanRow2 AND Concept2

Don’t take our word for it, see what others are saying about Concept2 and UCanRow2’s indoor rowing instructor certifications, products and services.

"I learned more in one day than I have in my previous five years on the erg."

From high-intensity athletes

"Awesome course at an awesome price. “It’s a no brainer for anyone who is serious about teaching the proper technique for rowing – as well as spreading the love for indoor rowing!"

Jeff Prejean – Alexandria, LA


"Great fundamentals course for indoor rowing. Very hands-on instruction by the experts. UCanRow2 is a supportive and great resource for anyone looking to expand their personal or professional knowledge of indoor rowing. Good for all levels of experience, too."

Morgan Funke – Chicago


"It was one of the best clinics I have ever attended. Chad (Fleshner, master instructor) was fantastic. I loved the workouts & really learned SO much. Great day!"

Melissa Leon – Red Bank, NJ


"I never really liked rowing. As a CrossFitter it was just another part of the WOD I tried to speed through, and as you well know, without the proper form, you can get into to trouble quickly with being out of breath too early or risking injury. In your class, I learned to control my breathing and how to properly drive which really helps me with improving my mental toughness."

John Kiefer – Chicago


"Every competition that I have been to lately with rowing involved I have just been destroying every rowing piece with ease. Thank you for all the help."

Julian Castro – Reno, NV


From home users/enthusiasts

"I am so so happy and really looking forward to rowing EVERY DAY! “I just know it is going to be such a good thing in terms of getting stronger and in better condition and such a great platform through which to enjoy the fruit of all the CrossFit effort! “This is my sport and you are helping me re-engage it and love it anew!"

Deb Krause – St. Louis


"Terry (Smythe, master instructor) helped me feel more confident about my technique and reinforced -big time – how transformative this (rowing machine) tool can be. I shed tears of joy and recognition in Terry’s class. Who knew? I thought I was coming to a coach’s clinic, which isn’t applicable to me, and instead found the perfect trainer for my situation. It was very informative, confidence boosting, supportive, fun, and encouraging. Thank you!!!"

Ellen Jacob Wraith – Montclair, NJ


From competitive indoor rowers

“I’ve made HUGE improvements in my rowing following the course! I just had a race in Indianapolis, which I used as a tune-up/test for the CRASH-Bs. I managed to cut 8 seconds off my previous 2k PR, which I set less than 10 weeks ago! Thanks again – I couldn’t have done it without you!!”

Shea Nangle – Champaign, IL


From group exercise instructors

“After taking this course I realized I knew nothing about rowing. Great class! Great trainer!”

Cert participant, Fort Bliss – El Paso, Texas


“The Foundations course will give you hands-on help to perfect your technique, as well as tools to help you help others. Whether you have goals of becoming a certified instructor or are an indoor rowing enthusiast you will feel more confident on the erg after this class.”

Sandi Smith – Greenville, SC


From on-water rowers/coaches

“All four of the kids I coach who attended the NW Ergomania set new personal records. Thanks for all the training ideas I received at the recent class I attended in Seattle put on by UCanRow2.”

Deanna Volker – Port Angeles, WA


About the master instructors

"Angela (Hart) is awesome! Her knowledge, experience, and presentation skills made the class very informative, effective and worthwhile."

"I thought (Chad Fleschner’s) workshop was great.  It covered a lot of very useful information and I felt it gave me the knowledge and ability to help improve the form, technique and efficiency of our rowers.  Great job!"

"Ms. (Heather) Alschuler is a top-notch instructor and presenter."

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