Indoor Rowing in the News: Rowing a Low-Impact Workout with High Results

We travel all over the United States doing indoor rowing training and generally turning people on to the sport. One of the coolest places we’ve ever been is Fitness Pointe in Munster, IN, where we had the good fortune to visit the day that member Judy Abbott hit 2 million meters rowed during last year’s month-long Concept2 World Erg Challenge (WOW!!!).

The NWI Times has just profiled the group, which had 254 members in this year’s rowing challenge, in which they marked their third challenge win.  This group totally gets the benefits of rowing, both the physical and the emotional, community-building: The story quotes Fitness Pointe fitness supervisor Nikki Sarkisian on the benefits of rowing: “Rowing is a great cardiovascular workout,” she says. “However, it can also be a muscular endurance workout for those individuals that row 100,000 meters or more during one workout.”

Read the full story here.

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