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I can't I have to rowIf it’s true that rowing is the ultimate cross-training sport (and of course we heartily agree with that idea), then there must be other fitness activities that are worth doing, or that are great cross training for rowing – like cycling.   And anything worth doing is worth tracking, especially if you’re looking to improve your performance.

Mashable is out today with a list of 10 Fitness Apps that Boost Your Strength, Speed and Stamina.  The running Zombies are there, a cool Hundred Push-Ups fitness app (that we will definitely be trying) is there, and so is a new cycling and running tracking tool that was promoted during the Tour de France, Strava.

In the comments Mashable took some hits for forgetting Endomondo, one of the most popular online communities / workout trackers. BONUS: Endomondo tracks your on-water rowing workouts!

Tracking indoor rower workouts on the Concept2 rowing machine and SkiErg is easy thanks to the C2 monitor, but even we don’t sit on the erg EVERY day (unless of course a rowing challenge is in progress).  You gotta get outside when you can; it’s great to have tools that help us keep the same kind of tabs on our outdoor workouts as we can on our indoor ones.

Give these apps a try one during your weekend workouts and let us know what you think.  Anybody using any of these already?  Do any, besides Endomondo do a decent job of tracking indoor or on-water rowing workouts? What’s the best fitness app in your mind?  Tell us in the comments.


  1. Sandi Smith on August 11, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    So anyone try the Hundred Push-ups App yet? My husband, 6 year old and I had a push-up contest last night. Maybe I could get an edge on the competition if I start this program.

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