There are few markets more crowded than the fitness industry. Whether you are a gym owner trying to pull in new members or an instructor trying to fully book classes, the competition is steep.

What if 10 years ago you knew how massively the spinning industry would blow up?

Would you have invested in either becoming a certified spin instructor or building out a spin program for your gym…

…BEFORE all the rage started and EVERYONE and their mother was doing it?


Here’s your chance to get in at the beginning of what GQ, Cosmo, Harper’s Bazaar and The New York Times have all deemed the NEW spinning, and the next fitness trend to take the world by storm…


Indoor Rowing



The indoor rowing industry is quickly gathering steam, and making its way onto the fitness scene with a wildly devoted fan base ready to pour their time, money, and sweat into a total body, low-impact workout that is efficient, safe, fun AND effective.


In fact, indoor rowing is growing so quickly there’s already a shortage of certified instructors, and the need is only going to grow in the next few years.


The opportunity to earn more money, to impact more lives isn’t around the corner, it’s here.


Early adopters always win.

But, we’re guessing you know that…because you are here, reading this page.

You understand the power and possibility that lies within the indoor rowing industry.

You know that this niche in the fitness market is about to explode, and you are ready to cash in as either a highly sought-after instructor or a cutting-edge gym or studio.



That’s where we come in.

Give us ONE day and we’ll get you (or your staff) ready to lead the way as rowing continues to make its way onto the fitness scene and seep into every major city and all the trendiest small towns across the United States and around the world.




As a certified indoor rowing instructor, you will find yourself in high demand, able to teach anywhere you want.

As a gym owner with certified instructors, you will find your classes or coaches booked up with people ready to row their way towards greater fitness and health. People who are ready to loyally renew every month because they know that rowing with a certified instructor means they’ll get a workout that is efficient, effective, safe and fun.

Either way, you’ll be able to provide a safe and effective rowing experience to every client that entrusts their experience to you. You’ll be able to grow your business, bring in more revenue and maximize client results.



Our indoor rowing certification is thorough, challenging, hands-on, and personal.

Our master instructors are TRUE experts. All of them have at least a decade of experience coaching fitness and rowing. Most have twice that or more. They know exactly how to teach proper rowing technique and rowing instruction AND make learning it a total blast at the same time.



“I really enjoyed all the hands on experience and the “live” coaching.” – Certified Instructor Jake Ballestrini, owner, ErgX Fitness



This certification will prep you to use rowing safely, confidently and effectively with your 1:1 personal training clients, and give you all the basics you need to lead group exercise classes. It will also help you become a better rower for your own personal enjoyment and fitness success.



There is no more widely recognized and well-respected certification program available for fitness pros and rowing enthusiasts.

Our 1-day, in-person, Indoor Rowing Basics Course is PERFECT for:

  • Personal trainers
  • Group exercise instructors
  • Functional training coaches
  • On-water rowing coaches with indoor rowing programs
  • Medical fitness trainers
  • K-12 Teachers
  • Adaptive sports trainers

…along with gym and studio owners or managers who want to bring rowing to their corner of the world.




During your training day we will cover:

  • The fundamentals of rowing workouts for group classes and individual rowing sessions
  • Proper technique and drills for optimal rowing performance
  • Common rowing technique errors and corrections
  • Using the rowing machine to reach peak performance faster
  • How on-water rowers and coaches can adapt their experience to the diverse indoor rowing population
  • Maintenance of the Concept2 indoor rowing machine and how to make it last a lifetime

Throughout the day, you will get to put into practice everything we teach, get hands-on feedback, and the answers you need to use rowing effectively in any setting.



The Power of In-Person Learning in an Online World

We are regularly asked why we don’t offer this course online.

Well, there are a couple of reasons we’ve kept our Basic Course an in-person experience.


Let’s keep things real for just a moment…

How often do you sign up for an online course and either DON’T complete it, or take MONTHS to finish a course that could be completed in a couple of hours?

The beauty of our in-person course is that you go for one 8-hour day, then you’re done  (minus the exam and video for those wanting to make their certification official).

No long, drawn-out, months-long process that turns into a pile of wasted money.



When you’re talking technique and training, there is no substitute for getting to see it demonstrated in person, getting your own form corrected live, and getting to ask questions of someone who can answer them immediately.

Sure, you can find an online version of a rowing certification course.

BUT, it won’t be from a company as widely known and accepted as UCanRow2, nor will it be as in-depth, personalized or thorough.

AND, if you’re being completely honest, it won’t get nearly as done!

Your investment to gain credibility, skill and mastery in a niche that is ready to explode is only $375 ($325 for early bird registration).

  • As an instructor, you would make back that investment teaching a week’s worth of classes.
  • As a personal trainer, you’d make that investment back in just a few 1:1 sessions.
  • As a studio owner, you’d make that back in less than 10 fully booked classes.

If you’re ready to get in on the indoor rowing craze while the market is still wide open, then find a training date and location that works for you and grab a spot.

If you are a gym or studio owner/manager who wants your staff trained and certified, we can send a master instructor to you. To learn more about that, drop us an email here.



Still have questions about our rowing certification?
No worries, we’ve got answers. Read on…


Can you take this course if you want to become a better rower, but don’t want to get ever use it to teach?

Of course! Lots of people go through the course to improve their personal rowing skills.  Teaching isn’t necessarily their end goal, and that’s totally fine.  We spend a lot of time during the day helping people dial in their personal technique. Everyone who attends the course gets some individual coaching.  Our goal is to ensure all attendees leave better rowers than they came.


Can I get CEC’s for attending this rowing certification course?

Yes!  You’ll get .6 CECs from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) for taking the one-day course, and another .3 once you pass the certification.  AFAA will give you 3 CEUs for the Basic Course. You can also submit ACE CECs for continuing education credits with other fitness organizations such as NASM.


Does attending the 1-day course automatically mean that I am a certified rowing instructor?

Almost! However, there’s one more step after leaving the studio: the home-study.  

  • The first part of the home study is a multiple-choice, open-book take-home exam.  
  • The second part is a brief video of you teaching your “learn-to-row class”, in whatever capacity you plan to do that with students, members or clients.  

There are lots of ways to get this done, and it is all explained during the Basic Course and in our manual.  We give you lots of time to practice and get comfortable enough to record yourself teaching. 

While we want you to have fun with this, we also believe the true test of someone ready to be certified is the ability to teach what they’ve learned. However, we are here to help you, even after your one day course ends. It is our goal that everyone who completes the course, that wants to be certified, has what they need to become certified.


What if I never complete the certification process?

No problem.  You’ll get a Certificate of Participation for the day, which can be used towards CEC credits, a massive amount of confidence, the skill to use rowing with clients, and our undying gratitude for wanting to be a better rower yourself. You just won’t get the fancy little credential to put beside your name.


How long is the training day?

The course is usually from 9:00-5:00 with a lunch break.


Is there are discount offered to groups?

Yes, we offer discounts when four or more people register together.


How much actual rowing do we do during the course?

This will vary greatly based on who your master instructor is and the experience and fitness level of your group.  As a general rule, you can expect at least an hour of rowing, probably more, divided up into several workouts throughout the day.  However, if you have an injury or any other issue that prevents you from being able to row, you have the option to observe as needed.


I’m interested in improving my 2K time, will this course help with that?

Absolutely!  Our focus on perfecting your technique will support your 2K training in major ways.  In the words of one of our course participants:

“I’ve made HUGE improvements in my rowing following the course! I just had a race in Indianapolis, which I used as a tune-up/test for the CRASH-Bs. I managed to cut 8 seconds off my previous 2k PR, which I set less than 10 weeks ago!  Thanks again – I couldn’t have done it without you!!”

Shea Nangle – Champaign, IL

If you end up wanting more help than what you get during the course, one of our master instructors can work with you through our rowing technique coaching, as well as help you with an individual training plan.


I’m an on-water rowing coach. Do I need this course?

Yes! On-water rowing is a very different animal from group exercise on the erg.  On-water rowers are often (although not always) good indoor rowers.  However, they are usually missing the training needed to use the rowing machine as a vehicle for fun, in a group exercise setting.  

During group exercise classes, or with 1:1 clients, rowing is all about having fun on the erg. Good technique is definitely critical, but if you can’t deliver a class or program that: motivates people, makes them feel good, and allows them to have fun while getting results, you’ll have a hard time succeeding as an indoor instructor or trainer.


I’m an experienced rower, ready to teach. Do I still need this course?

Yes! Rowing for a long time by yourself isn’t the same as knowing how to teach other people to row well. Additionally, being a good rower without any training does not mean you are able to identify and correct errors of your own, or your clients’ errors.  A large portion of the day is spent teaching you all of those things. We also let you test out various class scenarios.


I live too far away to make it to one of your courses. LIKE AN OCEAN AWAY. Is there an option for someone like me?

In a handful of cases, we’ve been able to help very experienced rowers living far away from our training sites. If that’s you, drop us an email at In your email be sure to give us detailed information regarding your rowing background and how you plan to teach indoor rowing.  Also, be sure to tell us where you are living.  We might be able to work something out.




The indoor rowing rage is hitting the fitness industry.

You are either ready for it or catching up.


A UCanRow2 rowing certification will give you the knowledge, skills, practice, and credibility you need to capitalize on the biggest thing to hit the fitness industry since spinning.

PLUS, the basics we teach you during this course will make you a better, more effective coach and teacher. You will be able to serve your clients in a completely new and fun way that helps them get the results they want. There is no limit to where you can go after completing this course and certification.



I’m Ready to Get My Row On




Ready to add some stand-out credentials to your email signature, resume, and social media accounts?

Ready to be a true trendsetter in the fitness industry and add to your training and teaching toolbox?

Ready to step into an unsaturated market?

Then there’s only one thing left to do…

Grab your spot in the training closest to you, or let us know if you want to set one up at your facility by contacting us here.

Remember the early bird gets the worm, or in this case, a sweet discount. So, grab your spot ASAP!



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