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Grab some tunes for your Valentine's Day rowing workout. Sweat with your sweetie!

Need a Valentine’s Day playlist for your indoor rowing workout? We’ve taken the work out of it and put one together for you.  It’s a digital mixtape of upbeat songs about love, although not necessarily “love songs.”  A pretty eclectic mix, we’re happy to say.  Follow the list on Spotify, or listen in on the player below.

The list is always a work in progress, in fact we’ve added songs even since publishing this post!  If you have other tunes you’d like to nominate for inclusion tell us in the comments.  We’d love to add more tunes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

The Ucanrow2 We <3 Valentine’s Day playlist



  1. sandy on February 12, 2016 at 3:49 pm

    any chance you could post this to Spotify? It’s great 😉

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