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Admit it.  You could be spending more time promoting yourself and your business with social media.  We all could.  But there’s a lot of water there to be rowed with only so many hours in the day.  As we often tell people in our Programming Intensive course, some involvement in social media — well executed — is better than no involvement in social media.

The business consultant network Zintro has looked at the research and pulled together this social networking infographic to help you decide when to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ and what information to share on each.


In a nutshell:

  • Facebook is best for more personal interactions with your contacts
  • Twitter is a good resource for quick updates in real time, monitoring the chatter about your brand and industry/sport, and finding potential members/client
  • LinkedIn is where you want to be to showcase your professional side and highlight your accomplishments (more your awards than your PRs)
  • Google+ is a good place to start or have more in-depth conversations than you can on Twitter and with people you’re not yet connected to, as is required on Facebook.

Of course you can get a lot more involved than this in social media marketing for your fitness business, but this will help you hit the highlights.

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