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Image of the adidas blogger community logo. UCanRow2 has joined the community for 2023


Look who’s joined the ranks of fitness influencers!


I about fell out of my chair when I got this email:


“I am reaching out to you today because we absolutely love your blog UCanRow2, and think you would be an excellent fit for a project we are working on with adidas!“Last year we started the adidas blogger community in the UK, Germany and France. In 2023 we are looking to expand into the US and would love for you to be a part of it!”


How cool is that! Me! One of the fitness influencers!!!


I’m so honored to be a part of this project.


Far beyond getting to support a brand I love, I want to celebrate adidas (no capital A, please) for seeking out non-traditional fitness influencers, in non-traditional sports.


It’s a BIG deal. Here’s why it matters to you:


People in midlife and beyond deserve a bigger voice in the fitness world


🔥 We understand, better than many of our younger counterparts, the importance of fitness and health.


🚣‍♀️ We know that it goes way beyond being able to row 5k in X amount of time or lifting X amount of weight.


🎯 It’s about having the fitness and strength to keep doing ALL the things we love, for as long as possible.


We are indeed, “aging actively”


I’m out here repping for those of us 40, 50, 60, and beyond, even if we don’t have 6-pack abs or wear a size 2, and frankly don’t care.


It’s not NOT about physical appearance; Who doesn’t love catching a glimpse of their strong body in the mirror?


It’s also not NOT about fitness; Even at this stage of life, many of us continue to work towards – – and reach – new goals.


It’s that we’re also aware that the clock of time is running. and we’re doing everything we can to slow it down as much as possible.


Aging actively for all-over fitness in later life


Gen Xers, and more Boomers than you might think, look at fitness in later life very differently from their predecessors.


We have no intention of fading quietly into the background.


Nor do we intend to stop working out, biking, playing golf, pickleball, or whatever else we love to do.


We also want to keep carrying our own groceries, lifting our own suitcases, shoveling our own snow, etc.


Do we do it differently? In some cases, yes.


We get loads of former runners at UCanRow2, for example. They’re looking to use rowing to get the benefits of running in a lower-impact package.


We’re not denying that our bodies are getting older.


But we don’t view that as a cue to slow down. Quite the opposite: It’s a prompt to put our health and fitness at the forefront.


And that’s TOTALLY worth celebrating!


So thanks, adidas, for helping me celebrate the amazing active agers out there.


I’m curious, what are your fitness goals, and how have they changed over the years?


Tell me in the comments!


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