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The Concept2 rowing machine is one of the most durable and some of the best exercise equipment there is.  With just a little bit of regular maintenance your machine should last a lifetime.  That said, that regular Concept 2 rower maintenance is critical, both for optimal performance and for safety.

The Concept2 rower's front screws need to be tight to help stabilize the machine

One of the most important things to check on a regular basis is the eight screws at the front of the machine — four on the legs and four under the flywheel (see photos).  If they become loose you may start hearing a clunking noise or your flywheel may shake when you row.  This is especially true if your rowing machines are being used in any sort of high-intensity setting, such as a CrossFit box or a competitive indoor rowing environment.

Look under the flywheel for the four screws that need to be tightened to hold the flywheel solidly

It’s an easy fix, just grab the allen wrench that came with your machine, tighten the screws, and voila, smooth water ahead yet again!

What erg maintenance questions do you have?  Post them to the comments and we’ll answer them!



  1. Barry on February 5, 2014 at 9:48 pm

    What is preferred method for lubricating a resurrected Model C (with PM2 monitor)? Thank you.

    • UCanRow2 on February 5, 2014 at 11:55 pm

      Hi Barry,

      What part of the machine are you wanting to lubricate? Typically the Model C is like the others, you would lubricate the chain using either mineral oil or the oil that ships with the machines. Here is one explanation of how to do it, and we will be posting a video demo soon as well.

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