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Want to make sure you stand out in the crowd? Be so good they can't ignore you.  #ucanrow2 #fitspo #motvation #quotes #mindset #rowing

Fitness inspiration thought for the day: Want to get noticed? Make sure you stand out.


And don’t be afraid to do it!


Fitness isn’t just for the young or traditionally fit, and many times those of us who don’t fit the mold are the ones who can MOST inspire others to make progress. 


Here are some ways to get the fitness inspiration train moving:


The most inspiring fitness inspiration story you can share is your own


Are you ready? Here are some ways to approach it:

  1. Think about your own fitness transformation:

  • Where did you start? How did you feel?
  • What made you decide you had to make a change?
  • What did you do to change, and how did that go? How long did it take? What ups and downs did you have along the way?


Was your path to fitness transformation uneven? 


That’s even better!


You know why? Because it’s real life. 


Here’s the deal: Making big changes is a journey. Sometimes, what we need to get started is someone else who can show us the way. 


Maybe that’s you! 


You don’t have to be “done,” either. You only need to be a couple of steps ahead of the person who’s looking for your inspiration.



Share this with someone who needs to see it, or someone you’d like to inspire today!

Updated Jan. 17, 2023

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