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Level up your fitness career…

Become a certified indoor rowing instructor

NEW! We now have THREE ways to get certified:


In Person

Join a small group of passionate individuals for an in-person rowing seminar in a town near you!


Live Online

Learn from anywhere with the world’s ONLY live-coached virtual rowing certification seminar.



It's hard to find 8 hours to commit to a seminar. Take it at your own pace with our On-Demand training.

Why Get Certified?

Indoor rowing is growing so quickly, there's a shortage of certified instructors!

As a certified indoor rowing instructor, you will find yourself in high demand, able to teach anywhere you want, including online

As a gym owner with certified instructors, you will find your classes or coaches booked up with people ready to row their way towards greater fitness and health.

You'll be able to confidently provide a safe and effective rowing experience to every client who entrusts their experience to you.

You'll be able to grow your business, bring in more revenue and maximize client results.

Post-Covid, fitness employers are looking for coaches who are trained in multiple modalities. With rowing exploding the way it is, a rowing certification will help you stand out in a competitive marketplace.

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Does this sound familiar?

“I want to get hired to coach rowing, but I don’t have any way to prove that I’m qualified to do it.”

“I see people rowing horribly in the gym. I want to help them, but I don’t want to give them bad or incorrect advice.”

“It’s been a dream of mine to teach. I need to perfect my form and learn how to coach effectively.”

“I’ve been teaching for a while but I feel like I’m getting less effective at it. I’m so sick of my own cues and the way I’ve been teaching. I need fresh ideas!”


Get the confidence and credibility you need to help your clients finally meet their fitness goals.

Read what recent graduates have to say

"I really enjoyed all the hands on experience and the live coaching."

- Certified Instructor Jake Ballestrini, owner, ErgX Fitness


Who should Get Certified?

The UCanRow2 certification seminar is perfect for:

Personal trainers

Group exercise instructors

K-12 Teachers

Adaptive sports trainers

Medical fitness trainers

Functional training coaches

Rowing enthusiasts ready to level up


I don't plan on teaching, can I still get certified?
Of course! Lots of people go through the course to improve their personal rowing skills. We spend a lot of time helping people dial in their personal techniques. Our goal is to ensure all attendees leave better rowers than they came.

what do i learn when i Get Certified?

During your training we will cover:

The UCanRow2 Coaching Framework

Our unique model for how best to understand the rowing stroke and teach it to new rowers, without overwhelm or complication.

How to Properly Teach Technique

A deep dive on the rowing machine, the rowing stroke, and all the details involved in rowing technique. With coaching from our world-class master instructors on your own technique!

Programming Basics

Coaching styles, class types, programming considerations and basic workout formats, including how you could develop progressive programs


The most concise and effective cues for correcting technique errors and helping your athletes get the most from their stroke


Learn how to approach specific pieces and events with a plan

Rave Reviews

Thank you so much to you and your team for such a memorable experience. The dedication from everyone within your business is second to none. I am beyond excited about the future as an indoor rowing coach and what can be done to help people of all abilities.

Dave Wykes, Australia

I thought the two-day virtual format was fantastic. Cassi and Nell were fantastic and I liked having two different instructors because it gives me a chance to learn different approaches/perspectives/phrases/explanations etc.

Julie Brown-Georgi

Kudos to UCanRow2 for developing such an amazing resource for those interested in pursuing instructor certification. I'm looking forward to this new chapter in my life, and words cannot express the level of excitement I'm feeling right now!

Chris Trim


Our master instructors are world-class experts, with two decades or more of experience coaching rowing and fitness.

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