Updated Jan. 10, 2019

Need a good functional fitness workout that will let you mix the rowing machine, SkiErg or BikeErg with other equipment? Look no further! Banish rowing workout boredom! #rowing #concept2 #workout #hiit #intervalworkout #functionalfitness #indoorrowing #getfit

Try these functional fitness / boot camp workouts that will have you on and off the machine, using a variety of equipment (kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX, battle ropes, etc.).  Typically these are a little more advanced than our standard rowing workouts, but they can easily be scaled to fit any fitness level.

The Calorie Burner

3 Rounds:

50 – 40 – 30 cals row/ski/bike

In between each round do:

10 DB/bar deadlifts

10 bent-over rows

10 reverse lunges

10 OH press

Swing it out rowing and kettlebell workout

20-minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

Row 500m (BikeErg 1000m)

5 two-handed KB swings
5 single-handed KB swings
5 two-handed upright rows
5 single-handed upright rows
5 single-handed cleans
5 single-handed snatch
5 goblet squats

Hello Monday

1000m row/ski/bike
10 DB plank row
10 DB thrusters
750m row/ski/bike
10 push-ups
10 hollow rocks/ sit-ups
500m row/ski/bike
10 DB snatch
250m SPRINT!

Make it easier: Lower intensity on row/ski/bike. Instead of hollow rocks, just do regular sit-ups.
Make it harder: If biking, double the meters or increase intensity for row/ski/bike, add weight to exercises.

Bodyweight Blast

AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) 20 mins of:
Row 500m
10 lunges
10 push-ups
10 burpees / step-ups
8 thrusters / squats
25 jumping jacks
3 broad jumps

Make it easier: Lower intensity on the row / reduce the number of off-erg moves
Make it harder: Increase intensity on the erg, up the workout time by 5-10 mins., add weight to the exercises

Push-Pull Palooza

4 Rounds, descending pyramid:

Row 1 minute
In between do 12-9-7-5 repetitions of:
TRX or weighted squats / air squats
Push press
KB swings

Make it easier: Eliminate the exercises on the last round, instead ending with the 4th row as a sprint
Make it harder: Add a 5th round, 1 minute row and 15 repetitions of the exercises at the beginning

1k Wonder

3-5 Rounds

Row/Ski/Alternate 1000m
10 cleans
10 push-ups
10 single-arm KB thrusters
1-minute plank
10 sit-ups

It’s Wicked

Row/Ski 4 mins
10 goblet squats
15 medball sit-ups
Row/Ski 3 mins
10 DB press
10 DB row
Row/Ski 2 mins
10 pull-ups
10 walking lunges
Row/Ski 1 min – ALL OUT

6 to 1 fun

5000m row warmup, then do a total of 6 rounds of the following moves, in this descending pyramid of reps (21 reps total for each move):

Medball cleans
Press (push, overhead, or split leg)
DB deadlift

5-4-3 GO!

5 min row or ski
15 push-ups
15 KB swings
15 goblet squats

4 min row or ski
14 push press
14 lunges
14 jumping jacks

3 min row or ski
13 sit-ups
13 squat jumps
13 sit-ups

Need more meters or want to work harder? Repeat the sequence 1-3 times.

SkiErg Blast

4 Rounds:

Ski 250m
10 KB squat to medball (or a box or whatever else you have that will prevent you from cheating on the squat)
10 elevated planks
10 medball sit-ups
2 wall walks (scale with a 1 min. plank hold with feet elevated on a bench or box)

Chad #2 

Warm up well, then do 4 rounds of the following:

Row or ski 43 calories (Hit “Change Units” on your monitor until calories come up as your unit)

10 push press
10 front squats
13 hollow rocks
10 wall balls


Froggy Fun

AMRAP 25 Mins

Row 2 mins
5 push-ups
10 frog jumps
5 wall balls
30 sec. battle ropes
burpee tire jumps
10 sledges on tire (5 each side)

Balls to the Walls (and Floors)

5 Rounds

2-minute Row/Ski/Run/Walk
10 KB swings
10 cleans (either with a bar or KB.  Do 5 on a side if you use a kettlebell)
10 ball slams
10 wall balls

Rock it out

5 Rounds

Row 500 meters (or 2 minutes)
5 medball squat cleans
10 hollow rocks (or the sit-up of your choice)

AMRA(M)P it up

AMRAP 15 mins (after a good warmup)
Row 4 mins
9 DB snatch (do 9 left then 9 right)
9 med ball sit-ups

NOTE: The shorter the workout, the longer the warmup.  You should have a good sweat rolling before you begin this one.

Rock it Out

AMRAP 25 mins
Row or SkiErg 500 meters
12 boat rockers/sit-ups or hollow rocks
10 spider crawls or a 44-second plank

Swing it Out

Set your monitor, using Intervals>Variable>Distance with Undefined Rest for: 1500, 1000, 750, 500, 250m
In between do descending sets of:

15-10-7-5-3 reps
Kettlebell swings
Sumo squats with a twist
Kettlebell cleans

3-2-1 Row #2

10-minute row warmup

2 rounds of:

3-minute row
2-minute ski
1 minute air squats
1 minute plank
2 minutes cleans
3 minutes situps
Run 400 meters


TRX Express

5k row warmup (aim to do it in less than 25 mins)
Then 5 rounds for time of:

15 TRX Training sit-ups (hold a dumbbell for more resistance)
5 pull-ups
5 TRX handstand push-ups (scale with decline push-ups)
15 kettlebell squats

Workout #14

Substitute rowing for the ski if you don’t have a Concept2 SkiErg:

Warm up, then do 3 rounds of the following (for time but emphasizing good form):

Run 400m
20 squats
15 jumping pull-ups
15 push-ups
5 double unders
15 kettlebell swings
20 sit-ups
3-way plank (front and both sides), 30 secs on each side
250m ski
10 push press


3-2-1 ROW!

Need to work on your speed on the erg and build strength? This workout’s for you:

30-minute row

Race-pace 20 strokes at 1k
30 strokes at 2k
40 strokes at 3k
50 strokes at 4k
20 strokes at 5k
10 strokes at 6k

Then do: 10-8-6-4 reps of:
Real push-ups
Wall balls (or kettlebell swings)

Easy cooldown row for 6 mins

Stretch and done!

Twisted Tuesday

5k warmup row, then 10 rounds of:

10 One-arm snatch

1 minute jump rope

10 push press

10 situps

10 handstand pushups

10 squats

Stretch and done!

Workout #1

Row or ski 1000m

10 cleans
10 burpees
5 pull-ups

Row or ski 750m

10 cleans
8 burpees
5 pull-ups

Row or ski 500m

10 cleans
6 burpees
5 pull-ups

Row or ski 250m

10 cleans
6 burpees
5 pull-ups

Workout #2

3 rounds of:

Row 2 min
Ski 1 min
30 tabata sit-ups

Row 2 min
Ski 1 min
20 jumping jack pushups

Row 2 min
Ski 1 min
Lateral plank, 50m


20 box jumps
50 Row-ups

Workout #3

Ski 2k
10 push press
10 box jumps
10 double unders
10 push-ups
10 jumping pull-ups

Row 2k/Repeat off-erg work

Ski 1k/Repeat off-erg work

Row 1k/Repeat off-erg work

Ski 500m/Repeat off-erg work

Workout #4

5 rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters

20 squats

10 box jumps

20 sit-ups

10 push-ups

Row 500m

Workout #5

Warm up on the erg then:

Run 400 meters
Then do 12 (then 10, 8, 6, 4 on the following rounds) of:
Push press
TRX Training roll outs
TRX back extension
Box jumps
Decline or regular push-ups

Cooldown by jogging, walking or rowing at a paddle pace

Workout #6

3-5 rounds for time of:

Ski 5 min
Run 450 meters
5 box jumps
10 push-ups
Row 1000 meters

Stretch and done!

Workout #7

This workout can be done as a relay in teams of three.  Team members begin all three activities in the round, and when the rower completes the 250m piece he or she then tags the next person and everyone switches.  Do not move on to the next round until everyone has done every exercise on the current round.  On Round 3, team members switch once the runner has completed the run.

This workout can also be done by individuals, just do the non-cardio activities (push-ups, frog jumps, etc.) for one minute.

Do the three-round circuit twice (for a total of 6 rounds) … unless you challenge the coach, in which case it’s three circuits, for a total of 9 rounds.

Warm up with 850m jog + stretch

Two rounds of:

Round 1
Row 250m
shuttle run

Round 2
Row 250m
walking lunges (50 yards)
frog jumps

Round 3
Row 250m (at least)
Run 450m

Finisher: 5 tire flips

Stretch and done!

Workout #8

Set monitor for Intervals>Distance>Unlimited Rest and do the following.
Be creative with the sit-ups, make a circuit with your favorite ab exercises:

Round 1: Row or ski 250m
10 burpees
30 sit-ups (choice)
Round 2: Row or ski 750m
8 burpees
50 sit-ups (choice)
Round 3: Row or ski 1000m
6 burpees
75 sit-ups (choice)
Round 4: Row or ski 1500m
4 burpees
100 sit-ups
Round 5: 500m sprint

Easy paddle cooldown 5 mins.

Workout #9

Use your rowing machine for the whole workout if you don’t have access to a SkiErg.

Warm up and do 5 rounds of:

500m row
10 push press
10 kettlebell swings

250m row or ski
10 push press
10 kettlebell swings


Workout #10

Set your monitor for Intervals>Variable with undefined rest

3000m easy row warmup
20 front squats
20 pushups
10 pullups

2000m row at 75-80% pressure
15 pushups
20 squat jumps
10 kettlebell swings

1000m row at 75% pressure
10 pushups
10 box jumps
10 power jacks

500m row at 100% pressure


Workout #11

Today’s UCanRow2 workout uses the TRX Training suspension strap. Save some energy for the late rounds, this one creeps up on you:

Pyramids Plus

2k warmup on the indoor rower

Do the following pyramids one by one (not in a circuit) with 1 minute rest between each round of an exercise

TRX squat: 50-40-30-20-10

Push-ups: 30-20-10-8-6

TRX standing back extension: 15-10-8-6-4

TRX power pulls: 8-8-8

2x 30-30-30 second plank, facing forward first, then lateral on both sides

s-t-r-e-t-c-h and done!

Workout #12

This workout comes courtesy of Concept2 Approved Indoor Rowing Instructor Leeny Hoffman of CrossFit St. Louis.  Try it and tell us what you think in the comments!

Fun With the “Girls”

Row 2 mins
40 double unders (100 singles)
40 situps

Row 1 min
2 rounds of:
5 pull-ups
10 pushups
15 air squats

Row 2 mins
30 wall balls

Row 1 min
7,5,3 pull-ups, thrusters

Row 2 mins


Workout #13

Mix it Up!

Set your monitor for Intervals>Variable>Time. Row 5,4,3,2,1 min with unlimited rest. Do the following after each interval:

10 push ups
10 kettlebell swings
10 push press
run 400m