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KidsCanRow2!  Rev up your physical education sessions and your classrooms with UCanRow2 indoor rowing training and consulting

Concept 2 rowing machines are a great fitness and motivation tool for kids

Kids can row too, and they love it!

Kids can row too, and they love it!  Working out on a rowing machine has been found to strengthen cardiovascular performance, build fitness among kids at all fitness levels and improve classroom performance and behavior.  Schools that have introduced rowing to their P.E. classes report that the machine is among the best fitness equipment investments they've made.

Custom trainings and physical education curriculum for schools

Whether for schools looking to introduce rowing, or others wanting to reinvigorate their existing rowing machine workouts, UCanRow2 offers custom trainings and programming consulting that can help you make the most of your investment and get the best results for your students and teachers.  The training is provided by UCanRow2's Terry Smythe, a Concept2 master instructor who has worked with dozens of schools around the country.

Themes covered in UCanRow2 school trainings and consulting include:

  • How to row and properly correct technique
  • Adapting rowing programming to kids at all fitness levels and abilities
  • Building effective, fun classes for special education students
  • Introduction to the Concept2 Schools Curriculum
  • How to run games and challenges
  • How to include the rowing machine in the classroom
  • Equipment safety and maintenance
  • Using the rowing machine to promote teacher wellness

For more information or to set up a training or programming consulting for your school contact us.