MyFitnessPal Calorie/Exercise Tracker Gets a Huge Upgrade

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The MyFitnessPal app for tracking calories and exercise, already our favorite, has just gotten even better.  MyFitnessPal wrote on their blog today that the tracker, which with 30 million registered users and 2 million food listings is one of the most popular and complete diet trackers there is, will now synch with some of the most popular fitness devices.  That includes scales (like Withings), activity trackers (BodyMedia FIT and Fitbit), run tracking apps (think Endomondo, runtastic), and cardio devices (like FINIS’s Swimsense).

Woohoo!  Finally two important tools for weight loss and maintenance working together.  As my mother might have said, “Was that so hard?”  Ok yes, probably it was.  We love MyFitnessPal for several reasons: First it has entries in the cardio section for both on-water and indoor rowing at different intensities and seems to do it reasonably well.  That’s rare indeed.  Second, it has a huge database of foods so very often whatever you’re looking to log is already in the system, and third you can track what you’re doing either from your computer or your mobile device, and everything syncs automatically.  Voila!

Now add on top of that the ability to have this topnotch food tracker talk to your activity device and it’s a fitness nerd’s dream come true – at least for those of us (like Sarah) who need to keep close tabs on energy consumed and burned in order to keep everything in line.

If you want to see the full list of apps that MyFitnessPal is synching with, visit their app gallery.  They’re also looking for suggestions of new apps to add, so don’t be shy if you have a suggestion!

Do you use MyFitnessPal or one of the other tools already?  Has it motivated you with your rowing or weight loss, or that of our clients and members? What would you like to see done differently? Tell us in the comments!

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