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Happy Valentine’s Day!  Themed Valentine’s Day workouts – we love ’em around here.  They keep the fun quotient up, and allow you to add variety to your workouts while still getting in a really good sweat.  Here’s a selection of our favorite Valentine’s Day workouts, we hope you <3 them! Of course, there could be a chocolate reward at the end…

Twos and 14s rule the day here, of course.  But notice too that there’s a good mix of rowing and/or SkiErging combined with moves that target pretty much the entire body.  These are great total-body workouts that would be good to do any time you want a solid workout for a general audience.

option 1: interval workouts

Two versions of the same workout.  The first is scaled, the second more challenging, both will get you sweating. Don’t speed through the lunges.  Get the form right and drop down low to max out your results. On both you should get about four rounds in.

Version 1

AMRAP 20 mins (AMRAP = As Many Rounds As Possible)

Row/ski/mix 214 meters
14 lunges (L/R=2)
14 push press
14 sit-ups
14 KB swings
14 goblet squats

Version 2

AMRAP 20 mins

Row/ski/mix 214 meters
14 walking weighted lunges with L/R rotation (L/R=2)
14 push press
14 sit-ups
14 KB swings
14 gator crawls (L/R=1)

option 2: steady-state row

Option 2:  Want to keep it simple? Do the Concept2 Valentine Challenge and row or ski until you hit 14,000 meters.  If you like, you can use our list of 10 ways to kill 10k for ideas on how to keep it interesting.  Make sure you STRETCH when you’re done and hydrate throughout.  You also have our full permission to nap later, with your valentine maybe?

Want more skiing or rowing workouts to pick from? Visit our workouts pages for lots more.  We also include a new workout in every newsletter; We’d love it if you would subscribe!

Let us know which one(s) you tried and how you liked them.  Got another favorite Valentine’s Day rowing or SkiErg workout?  Share it with us in the comments.

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