Your Rowing Technique Mantra: Legs, Body, Arms – Arms, Body, Legs

Indoor rowing sometimes gets a bad rap, and so does rowing technique. Too often people make rowing sound much harder than it has to be, both in terms of the effort needed to get results and the technique required to get there.  Sure, there are some finer points to rowing technique that can make it challenging, but that’s all part of the fun and shouldn’t scare you.

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Finish, please!

Today’s post comes courtesy of Certified Rowing Instructor Leeny Hoffman.  You can find her at CrossFit St. Louis, teaching rowing class M, W, F at 8:30 a.m., and blogging regularly about nutrition and rowing on the CrossFit St. Louis blog.  For more technique tips be sure to follow the UCanRow2 video channel and our Trainer Tips…

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Introducing Personalized Indoor Rowing Technique Reviews

Do you have a Concept2 indoor rower at home, or use one at your gym? Are you a competitive indoor rower who’s interested in improving your indoor rowing technique and your performance on the machine? Maybe you’ve been rowing for a while and would like to brush up on your rowing technique or get new rowing workout ideas.

A new offering from UCanRow2 may be just the ticket: Personalized rowing technique reviews

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