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Today’s post comes courtesy of Certified Rowing Instructor Leeny Hoffman.  You can find her at CrossFit St. Louis, teaching rowing class M, W, F at 8:30 a.m., and blogging regularly about nutrition and rowing on the CrossFit St. Louis blog.  For more technique tips be sure to follow the UCanRow2 video channel and our Trainer Tips…

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Rowing Machine Maintenance Tip: Tighten the Screws

The Concept2 rowing machine is one of the most durable and some of the best exercise equipment there is.  With just a little bit of regular maintenance your machine should last a lifetime.  That said, that regular Concept 2 rower maintenance is critical, both for optimal performance and for safety. One of the most important…

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Generating Power on the Rowing Machine

How’s your rowing workout been lately?  Would you like to get more of the benefits of rowing machine workouts?  

The difference between a good workout and a great one is in how you apply power on every stroke.  That’s true whether your goals are getting a PR on your next 2K, losing 20 lbs or simply making the most of the time you have on the machine.

In this video, UCanRow2’s Terry Smythe shows you how to use your performance monitor to gauge your power output and a drill that will help you get faster and stronger on the machine.

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